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    It all started with a bet

    St. Moritz owes its global significance as a winter sport resort to its breath- taking location in the mountains – and a clever hotel owner. We turn our eyes to September of the year 1864: Johannes Badrutt, owner of the luxery Kulm Hotel in St. Moritz, has joined the last of his summer guests from […]

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    La dolce vita! How to enjoy the sweet life in Ticino

    Among the charming towns and soothing nature of Ticino, a Mediterranean lifestyle meets Swiss  quality and orderliness. Think yachts floating on turquoise lakes, hikes through chestnut forests or a lineup of unmissable events. During summer months when it can be cold and wet north of the Alps, Ticino is basking in the sun. With more […]

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    Magical Mountain Moments – Luxurious snugness in ski areas

    Snow, ice, and the mountains – All this all used to mean hardship for people living in the Alpine valleys for thousands of years. Today, they are the three basic elements of Alpine lifestyle. Those three, skiing, and mountain huts. In addition, vanguard architecture and gourmet cuisine have long found their way up to Alpine […]

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    Switzerland’s Food Festivals – Cultural diversity & love for good food

    Eating, today, is often a social event. New food festivals have transferred the act of enjoying a meal from the privacy of dining rooms and from closed circles to the streets. A novel event format, they draw and delight countless people. Switzerland, where an unparalleled number of award-winning celebrity chefs seem to push each other […]

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    Switzerland – as cool as Ice

    When winter descends on Switzerland, glassy smooth and harsh, frozen surfaces as well as freshly powdered pistes are calling. Frozen water lends itself magnificently to ice skating, high-altitude hiking or climbing with ice axe and crampons. It can be sculpted into natural works of art and can even be lived in – The Swiss ice […]