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Park Hotel Vitznau: Two star-chefs, one restaurant!

Creativity in Corona times: Patrick Mahler and Philipp Heid are working now in the same kitchen, in the same Restaurant.

The restaurant-sharing

Up to now Patrick Mahler was cooking in the kitchen of the Restaurant «Focus», for 18 points and 2 stars. Philipp Heid was the star in the kitchen of the «Prisma», with a ranking of 16 points and 1 star. But these times are over. Even both chefs have still their own menu, their own team and their own Concept – the food is served at the same restaurant. Now Mahler is cooking for 4 to 5 tables in the «Focus» and Heid for the rest.  

The «PRIVATE PROPERTY» – principle

The Park Hotel Vitznau (Owner Peter Pühringer) has a new approach called «Private Property». This means that just showing up is not possible anymore. The hotel guests will be served first. Guests, who are not staying in the Hotel, are still welcome but just with reservation.  

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