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Social Distancing – Castello del Sole shows how its done

The season can start in Ascona – The «Castello del Sole» is using its wide park to server their guests.

Dinner in the massive park.

Director Simon V. Jenny took the calculator and Channel-photographer Thomas Buchwalder started the drone. The Outcome: A documentation in pictures, that shows that social distancing at the Swiss Deluxe Hotel «Castello del Sole» is no problem at all. The Dinner will be served in the 14-hectare wide park and for every guest there are 933,33 square meter available.

Get your Picknick basket ready!

If you want more space and privacy, you can order a Picknick Basket at the concierge of the hotel. Recommended is the «Sapori del nostro orto» with twelve Ingredients from the Castello-Garden! Valle-Maggia-Bread and Rosmarin-Grissini. Burrata with own tomatoes and basil and other fresh delicious surprises. The guests decide where they would love to picknick: in the fruit garden, at the lake or in the wine yards.

Read the full articel about the season start here

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