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5 Questions Jean-Yves Blatt

You love cars. Is it the thrill of speed that appeals to you?

We feel privileged to live here in Andermatt: Six of the most popular mountain passes are right on our doorstep. Exploring the countryside in a car allows you to take in nature and the beautiful scenery along the winding roads. And yes, speed does appeal to me. I am an ambitious person, competing is in my blood.

Jean-Yves Blatt, a hotelier living life in the fast lane?

(Laughing) “The Chedi, a hotel in the fast lane,” would fit, I think. We are young and energetic, and our lifestyle is unconventional. We, as a team, have managed to create a unique place in the last five years. We are different. Our ambition is to always be trendsetters, never trend followers. And going back to your first question: A car should not only be fast, but also beautiful.

Does that mean you consider yourself an aesthete?

When I was young, I had to choose whether I wanted to become a chef or a draughtsman. I opted for an apprenticeship as a chef. But my love for architecture and art has stayed with me throughout my life. Both also play a leading part here at The Chedi.

Where to you refuel? What keeps you going?

That is where passion comes into play. Passion cannot be created, it is either there, or it is not. We work with people, for people. And guests sense whether real passion is involved. They look for authenticity. We constantly strive to surprise our guests, and we will only be able to succeed if we are passionate about what we do. Today’s guests quickly unmask anyone who tries to feign passion, but they truly appreciate anything that comes from the heart.

You like to put your foot down. But cars also have a brake pedal. What you do to slow down every once in a while?

I recharge my batteries when I am with my family, at home. Two years ago, Bella, our young dog, joined our family. My walks with her help me to keep a healthy balance. And, I travel to the Middle East twice every year. I go there to relax and to observe new trends that emerge in the melting pot between East and West.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

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