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The view of Simon Spiller

«Switzerland has two rather rare resources – fresh water and clean air. Both are a true luxury”»

When Simon Spiller talks about his travel experiences or the importance of untouched nature, a true luxury of the future, he never speaks in empty phrases. His words reflect his fundamental beliefs. More than two decades abroad have sharpened his perspective on the distinctiveness of Switzerland.

«Literature and art are my sources of inspiration. They influence me and guide my actions.»

«I learned to listen and found calm when I was in Bali. I consider living in the now a service to my guests.»

«Arriving back in Switzerland felt like coming home. And with my commitment, I would like to contribute to the society I live in.»

«Ticino is a vast, adventurous garden, bursting with culinary delights, cultural delights, and unspoiled nature.»

 «When you travel and face all kinds of situations, you learn quite a bit about yourself.»

words by Martin Hoch, photos by Nico Schaerer

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