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The Discovery of Slowness… The luxurious spa at LeCrans takes guests on a journey across five continents

Nothing beats the beauty of the scenery: LeCrans Hotel & Spa is located above Crans-Montana providing abundant views of the Alpine mountain range; Mont Blanc and Matterhorn seem to beckon at admirers. A very peaceful place. The doorstep of the historic wooden building could well be a threshold to another world, a world in which our senses are all that counts. The reception desk in the high-ceiling lobby resembles an elegant study – a generous ornament placed into this natural, unspoilt setting. Old fire-tree wood panels and elegant, unobtrusive colours create a cosy atmosphere.

The views through the windows seem infinite, inviting the mind to wander. And new guests will gladly follow the invitation down wooden hallways full of nooks and crannies and up well-used stone steps, as if on the lookout for the stories and secrets of bygone times the hotel might have to tell. The welcoming interior and its almost fairytale-like feel go very well with the warm and hospitable demeanour LeCrans’ Hotel Director Paola Masciulli.

All eight suites and seven rooms of the smallest Swiss Deluxe Hotels member have an individual design featuring unusual art and precious fabrics. They are named after the world’s highest mountains – Kilimanjaro, Atlas, Ural, Everest, Dolomites – in an attempt at capturing the enchanting vastness of mountain panoramas.

Each moment a journey

The CINQ MONDES (five worlds) spa is a spectacle of nature formed by rocks, wood, water, and the calm of the alpine world. The view of the Valais Alps send our thoughts on a journey to faraway places and to the centre of our own selves. The spa’s heated outdoor pool borders on the ski slopes that run past the hotel. High snow walls shield spa visitors from prying eyes, their bright white contrasting with the glorious blue of the water – an enticing, deep-sea blue.

luxury panoramic pool

The main pool at the heart of the spa rests quietly, almost peaceably, between two floor-to-ceiling walls built with suntanned wooden beams. The impulse to take a dip into it is hard to resist.

The spa experience

Fascinated by massage techniques, aromatherapy, and beauty products, CINQ MONDES founder Jean-Louis Poiraux travelled the world and collected various treatment and massage therapy types over the course of ten years. The result is a symbiosis between the best treatments and a collection of traditional recipes for authentic products that are second to none.

An Ayurvedic massage takes guests into a world of harmony, balance, and quiet – an experience from which they will gently awake after 50 minutes. The Balinese full body massage focuses on the most heavily stressed areas of the body. Its special stretching techniques will have guests feel thoroughly relaxed. CINQ MONDES offers a range of treatments from five continents using suitable oils, emulsions, scrubs, and wraps for stimulating, strengthening, regenerating, relaxing, cooling, or purifying effects.

Relaxing Massage

The effortless synergy between Asian and European healing and massage treatments will let guests lose track of time and above all make them feel like themselves. This most pleasant effect earned LeCrans a third place in the Gault Millau list of Switzerland’s most beautiful spas in 2018.

And while we are gently taking the curves towards the valley below, the serene calm of the Valais mountains lingers…


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