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100 hectares of pure happyness

«100 hectares of pure happiness» is the Castello del Sole’s tagline. For me, an intrepid beauty journalist, real happiness can be found in about 2500 square meters of this amazing hotel. Come join me for some truly beautifying down-time in one of the Ticino’s most unique spas. And yes, there will be wine.

Immersing yourself in excellence

To be honest, it’s incredibly easy to fall in love with the Castello del Sole. Or rather, it would be hard not to. Located right in the middle of one of Switzerland’s most beautiful, most photogenic and most calm-inducing natural settings, right on the northern shores of the Lago Maggiore.

Here, a stone’s throw from Ascona and smack-dab on the Maggia river’s delta, a castello has served as a hiding place for over nearly 500 years. In today’s reincarnation, the Castello serves as an exclusive hotel property that manages to redefine contemporary luxury as a living, breathing example of how simple hospitality can truly be.

Castello del Sole Spa

Care to join us for a luxurious spa break?

The «Castello SPA & Beauty» is a luxurious 2500 m2 of prime real estate that has been transformed into pure luxury for body and mind. Expect all the bells and whistles that make a modern hotel spa, without any of the distractions that can go with them: The overall mood is one of calm, spaciousness and feeling welcome.

In summertime, the outdoor gardens with their artfully scattered lounge chairs, hammocks and quiet corners of privacy are one of the biggest attractions of this particular spa… and a wonderful way to turn a spa break into a summery, relaxing experience.

Here at the Castello Spa, grape pomace – one of the by-products of the hotel’s own winemaking facilities – is used as the heart of both their body treatments and their own products. «The grapeseed oil we use comes mostly from our own farm», says Jutta as she details what the upcoming signature body treatment will entail. After a gently invigorating body scrub with finely ground grape seeds and oil, a relaxing bath with either Chardonnay or Merlot dials up the relax factor by quite a few notches. I’m understandable excited to discover the Castello’s VinoAqua Therapy® and own skincare range Vineasole Cosmetica®, which can be purchased on-site to (literally) take your beautifying experience home with you.

privat outdoor area with view of the park

A must-stay in Ticino

The beautiful surroundings and especially the team of well-trained, exceptionally warm and friendly staff make this spa a true gem. And the Castello proves, once again, that «bigger and better» is not what makes the experience, but rather the people and the mood they set. The only conclusion I can come to, post-treatment and happily dozing in a comfortable lounge chair, is that I’ll have to come back soon to confirm that this was not just all a well-scented, beautiful dream.

Discover Steffi’s Signature Treatment Tips at the Castello del Sole here https://swissdeluxehotels.com/en/magazine

words by Steffi Hidber

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